Top Websites to Sell Old Used Car at Best Price Online + Rs. 500 Cashback

Looking to sell old used car online then you should know about how it works to get best price. Online process is more easy than conventional method as well more profitable. We will not share any classified website because we understand the risk of classified site as your safety is our first priority.

We will consider following points while choosing best website to sell old used car :-

  • No Classified Sites.
  • Free Car Listening.
  • Free Inspection on Checkup.
  • Estimate Online Valuation.
  • Instant Payment.
  • Verified Customers Database.
  • Free & Hassle Free RC Transfer

No classified sites does mean we will not suggest you sites that only have option to list your car and the safety is on upon because there are any cases happens in India where people get scammed by different methods and also we have to deal with strangers whom we don’t know its little bit awkward. We inspect websites from our side to know their authenticity and having verified customer database where we ensure that we can rely on the websites which helps us to sell old used car.

Many websites are providing free inspection so that we get best price and the customer also get best value for money where website have their own destination we have to visit that point and give a general checkup of our vehicle to make it verified.

The important thing while selling old used card is payment so we will sell old used car only where we are getting instant payment & best price as per market. This problem of handing over car and receiving payment makes very easy by websites because of this reason we are avoiding to sell end buyers. Websites are doing very well job to prevent us to get scammed.

Things we need for sell old used car online :-

  1. Car Details (Compulsory to fill) :-
    1. Month & Year of manufacturing
    2. Car Brand , Model , Version & Color
    3. Alternate Fuel
    4. Owner (First, Second, Third or more)
    5. Kilometer Driven
    6. Registration Type (Individual, Corporate , Taxi)
    7. Insurance Type (Comprehensive, Third Party or Expired )
    8. Insurance Validity
    9. Registration Number Eg : MH-25 BM 4806

  2. Car Images(Compulsory to fill)
    1. Interior
    2. Exterior
  3. Safety (Optional to fill)
    1. Airbags
    2. Seat Belt Alarm
  4. Braking System(Optional to fill)
    1. ABS
    2. EBS
    3. Four Wheel Drive
    4. Brake Assist
  5. Locks & Security(Optional to fill)
    1. Central Lock
    2. Child Safety
  6. Comfort(Optional to fill)
    1. AC
    2. 12V Power Switch
    3. Rear AC
    4. Steering Adjustment
    5. Cruise Control
    6. Parking Sensor
    7. Heater
    8. Rear Camera
  7. Entertainment (Optional to fill)
    1. Music System
    2. GPS Navigation System
    3. Steering Mounted Controls.

You can jump start with basic details and Images also but more details you give more customer attracts.

List Of Best Free Websites to Sell Old Used Cars Online :-



    After put in our points cars24 is best fitted in the category of sell old used cars online for free. Cars24 is very popular website along in this category and also have very large database of verified buyers. You will surely get best price on this website.

    1.  How to Sell Old Used Car on ?

      1. Visit Cars24 website by clicking here
      2. Fill the Details of Car & Book Appointment
      3. Drive To Cars24 Centers & Inspect Car For Free.
      4. Sell Directly & Paid Instantly.
    2. How to Get Free Rs.500 in Bank Account On Inspection ?

      1. Visit Cashcharger Cashback Website :- Click Here
      2. Signup & Visit Cars24 Store :- Click Here
      3. Activate Cashback & Visit Cars24 website
      4. Fill the details & Book Appointment.
      5. Inspect Car For Free
      6. Get Rs.500 in Cashcharger Account.
      7. Reedem it in bank account.
      8. You will receive Cashback in Given Bank Account.
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