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Today I got awareness message from airtel about sim swap alert and they should aware users because currently while India is moving to digital India there will be chances to lose your money if you don’t know how to prevent from technology fraud so today I will share you how fraud happens and how to prevent.

Message From Airtel :- ” SIM SWAP ALERT: एयरटेल आपल्याला कोणतेही कॉल करत नाही ज्यात NAVEEN SIM च्या SMS शिवाय (SIM<20 digit no.> 121 वर) SIM SWAP करायला विचारले जाईल. असल्या कॉलशी सावध रहा, हयांनी आपल्याला आर्थिक हाणी किंवा आपले मोबाईल नंबरचा गैरवापर होऊ शकतो. ”

It means Airtel will never call you to send  (SIM<20 digit no.> 121 ) This message to Sim Swap. Beware of Calls it causes financial loss or misuse of your number .

What is Airtel Sim Swap Service?

To upgrade your 2G/3G network to 4G you have to send a message and using otp you can swap your old sim card to new sim card to get benefit of Airtel 4G.

What is Airtel Sim Swap ServiceWhat is Airtel Sim Swap Alert ?

Before telling you about this alert I just want to share a quick real story happens in front of me and this is damm linked to this alert.

Once I visited my State bank of India branch for aadhaar linking so there one old man is shouting about to get back money when I see the matter The old age man get scammed from paytm so I confused how a such big company can make fraud while I investigate the matter that the old man got a fake call from bank to ask debit card number for renewal and the scammer took his all the money and transferred to the paytm wallet.

What we learned from story that we should not share our debit card/ credit card number to anyone and government also aware us a lot to prevent this type of scam .

Airtel Sim Swap Scam is same as the above story while the process is little bit different that you will get fake call from scammer to send such message telling you anything fake and after sending this message the scammer can access your mobile number and can access your bank account and will transfer your all the money .

How Airtel Sim Swap Scam Can Happen?

  1. You will get fake call from scammer.
  2. They claims that they are from Airtel customer care.
  3. Ask you to send a message (SIM<20 digit no.> 121 ) (DONT DO THIS)
  4. You will receive a otp message
  5. Ask you for otp (DONT DO THIS)
  6. If you give scammer the otp you are scammed .
  7. Scammer use your mobile number to receive otp from bank or make UPI transactions.
  8. You will lose all of your hard earned money.

How to Prevent From Scam / Fraud?

  • Do not share debit card/ credit card number. (Airtel will never ask for this)
  • Do not share any kind of otp.(Airtel will never ask for this)
  • Do not send any message ask to send.(Airtel will never ask for this)
  • Do not install direct apk file in android
  • Call Customer Care about the scammer.


Please Share This Post to Your Friend & Family to Aware Them About Airtel Sim Swap Fraud.

Airtel Official Website :-



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