irctc lucky draw scheme

Irctc as indian railway introduces new scheme known as IRCTC Lucky Draw Scheme where you have a chance to earn Rs. 10000 without going anywhere just open IRCTC website and Link your aadhar card IRCTC Website and chance to earn Rs. 10000 Cash Prize . 5 Lucky winners can get benefit of Rs. 10000 as well other passanges who linked aadhar to irctc can book 12 tickets in a month and if you are not linked your aadhar then you can book only 6 tickets .

How to enroll to IRCTC Lucky Draw Scheme ?
It is very easy to enroll just follow the quick steps given below.

  1. Open Irctc Website from your pc
  2. Enter username password and capcha
  3. Click on My Profile – Aadhar KYC
  4. Enter Aadhar Number so you will get otp on aadhar registerd number
  5. Now you have to put otp
  6. That’s it Now you can earn Rs. 10000 in lucky draw.

When is the IRCTC Lucky Draw Scheme Draw :-

Scheme starts from 01.12.2017 and will continue for 6 months. First
draw will be drawn in first week of January 2018. irctc lucky draw scheme

Terms and Conditions of IRCTC Lucky Draw Scheme :-

  • IRCTC registered users who have authenticated themselves with AADHAAR KYC and
    booked at least one PNR and whose journey commences in the calendar month of
    that lucky draw scheme will be eligible for Lucky Draw Scheme for that particular
  • Eligible AADHAAR authenticated user also has to travel or commence their Journey
    after booking of the e-ticket in the calendar month of that lucky draw scheme.
  • Only those booked PNRs of AADHAAR authenticated users will be eligible for ‘Lucky
    draw scheme’ wherein Profile Name of user is matching with one of the Passenger
    Names on the booked PNR.
  • Cancelled and TDR filed PNRs for non-travellers will not be eligible for the Lucky
    Draw scheme.
  • In case more than one PNR of same user gets selected then only one PNR of the user
    will be considered for the Lucky Draw in the calendar month of that lucky draw
    scheme i.e., One user will get only One cash prize award. However, the same user
    will be eligible for Lucky Draw in any other following month.
  • Lucky winners will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- each along with
    refund of full train fare of the selected ticket (PNR) after the complete verification
    process to be done by IRCTC.
  • Every month Five (5) computerized randomly picked lucky PNRs among eligible
    PNRs will be selected for the Lucky Draw cash prize award.
  • The Names of Lucky Draw winners will be displayed on IRCTC website in the First
    week of the following month after verification of user details like mobile no, email,
    user id etc. of winners.
  • Winners will also be informed by IRCTC on their registered email ID & mobile
  • The lucky draw scheme is for six (6) months only w.e.f. 01.12.2017.
  • IRCTC reserves the right to disqualify any IRCTC user(s) from the benefits of this
    offer without assigning any reason to it.
  • IRCTC also reserves the right to discontinue this offer without assigning any reasons
    or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • Terms and Conditions of the Lucky Draw Scheme for AADHAAR authenticated users
    and passengers may be modified by IRCTC in future with due notice.
  • Employees of IRCTC & CRIS will not be eligible for “Lucky Draw Scheme for AADHAAR
    authenticated users and passengers”.


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