Gocash fest Goibibo with Mumbai Indians Full GoCash Usage

Gocash fest is presented by goibibo with Mumbai Indians where we can chance to earn lots of gocash which can be use to redeem 100% on hotel booking and much more . gocash fest is very good opportunity to earn gocash. In gocash fest you just have to select your team and if that players are running well then you will earn more gocash.

Gocash Fest is also giving free match tickets then if you a re lucky one then you can earn free match ticket .In this post we have covered all of your queries if you have any other query please comment down below and share this post to earn big.

Goibibo also offering goibibo referral code program so if you are newbie then you can also take benefit from the offer.

goCash Fest Earn Live with Mumbai Indians:-

How to Enroll in goCash Fest?

  1. The goCash Fest is only available on the latest version of the Goibibo App
  2. Click on Join the goCash Fest with Mumbai Indians
  3. Click on “Yes, I want to earn” to join the program. That’s it! You are ready to Earn and Travel

How will I Earn goCash?

  • Keep your Goibibo app open during all Mumbai Indians matches
  • That’s it! You will earn goCash on every 4s, 6s, 50, 100, wickets & win by Mumbai Indians
  • Here is the amount you’ll earn on each event

When will I get my earned goCash?

  • The goCash earned by you will be credited before 8 AM on the next day after every Mumbai Indians Match
  • Your goCash will expire on the day of the next Mumbai Indians Match
  • Where and how can I use my goCash?
  • You can utilise your goCash on Flight, Hotel, Bus or Car Bookings before the next Mumbai Indians Matchday
  • The values are as a percentage to the goCash that a User has.​ ​Eg. If a user has​ ​Rs.600 goCash, he can burn Rs.600 on Domestic Hotels &​ ​Rs.300​ ​goCash on Domestic Flights.
  • Remember, Your goCash will expire on the day of the next Mumbai Indians Match

How can I win Free Match Tickets?

  • Users must be enrolled in the goCash Fest
  • Users can win match tickets in 3 ways
  • Users who book Flight Tickets with the code GOMIFLT will be eligible to win match tickets. Winners will be announced on the basis of a lucky draw.
  • Users who book Hotel Tickets with the code GOMIHTL will be eligible to win match tickets. Winners will be announced on the basis of a lucky draw.
  • Users who refer the App to their friends and family maximum number of times per day will be eligible to win match tickets. The referred user must sign up on Goibibo for the referral to be counted.
  • A user can participate in all of the above 3 methods to increase his chances of winning the ticket
  • Each Winner will be awarded 2 tickets for a match
  • Winners will be announced 2 days before the next Mumbai Indians home match.

For Other Terms & Conditions Click Here

Match related conditions

  • goCash can be earned by users in every Mumbai Indians Match
  • A user is eligible to participate in all Mumbai Indians Matches
  • Incase a match is abandoned due to rain or any other circumstances, a fixed amount of Rs. 200 goCash will be credited to all the users who have been active on the app during the match
  • If a match is delayed and the total number of overs are shortened, no extra goCash amount will be credited to the users apart from the regular amount they earned during the match
  • Goibibo reserves the right to add, remove or modify events considered or amount earned during the course of the season
  • Incase a match goes into super overs, the scores and wickets in the super over will not be calculated for earning
  • goCash related conditions:-
  • goCash once expired cannot be re-instantiated
  • goCash gifting is not allowed on the goCash earned through this program
  • goCash used to make travel bookings is non-refundable
  • Incase the time of the next match is not set/in case of last match, the default expiry for
    the goCash earned will be 3 days
  • Goibibo reserves the right to cancel all related bookings if there is a fraudulent pattern noticed in the goCash Earn and usage across bookings. This would involve an abnormal number of transactions linked to an email, mobile or device or a series of emails, mobiles and device suggesting the abuse of goCash program meant for genuine customers who book travel for themselves or for their family
    Other Terms & Conditions
    This fest is applicable for Goibibo’s Android and iOS mobile Apps only. This program is not valid for Goibibo’s Apps on Windows phone and BlackBerry platforms.
    This program is effective from 7th April 2018 till 27th May 2018.
    In case of cancellation, post refund the goCash earned by you under this fest will be forfeited.
    The goCash earned using this program cannot be withdrawn into any of the payment instruments like Bank account, Credit Card, Debit Card etc.
    The maximum amount of goCash that can be used for each booking will be as per goCash usage rules available at https://www.goibibo.com/gocash/.
    goCash cannot be transferred to user’s bank account. Additionally, goCash across multiple accounts cannot be combined into a single account.
    Usage conditions of goCash may change at the discretion of Ibibo, at any point in time.
    Ibibo reserves all rights to change the goCash conferred under this fest at any point in time.
    Ibibo may suspend or terminate this fest or users’ ability to participate in this fest at any time for any reason at their discretion.
    goCash earned as a result of acts of fraud/abuse/misuse will be revoked and deemed invalid.
    Ibibo reserves the right, at any time, without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, to add/alter/modify/change or vary all of these terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or in part, this fest by another offer, whether similar to this offer or not, or to extend or withdraw it altogether.
    Ibibo is the final authority on the interpretation of these rules.
    In no event, shall the entire liability of Ibibo exceed the goCash awarded to you.
    Ibibo shall not be liable for any indirect, consequential, incidental loss, damage or injury suffered by any user under this fest.
    Travel agents are barred from receiving any benefit under this fest.
    Ibibo shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to any force majeure events or reasons beyond the reasonable control of Ibibo.
    All other terms and conditions as listed in the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy Ibibo website will be applicable to this fest.
    Disputes, if any, will be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Delhi only.


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