How To Extend Jio Prime Membership For One More Year

Jio is the biggest cashcharger of the year 2017 where Jio launched his prime membership at just Rs.99 and this prime membership is going to end this year 2018 for many of us but Jio comes with one more big announcement that Jio prime is extended for one more year .Extend Jio prime free so we’ll discuss about how you will get benefit out of this.

Extend Jio prime membership absolutely FREE

Without going to any retailer or jiocare office you’ll just need your mobile phone to extend the jio prime membership.

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Cashcharger Saved : Rs. 99

How to extend jio prime membership in 2018 ?

Below I added  step by step procedure to extend jio prime membership :-

  1. Download & Install My Jio App by click here 
  2. Sign in with your Jio number
  3. Click On Get Now Jio Prime Banner
    Jio Prime membership Reactivate
  4. Click On Proceed
  5. You will get confirmation that your number is extended jio prime membership
    Jio prime membership reactivation process

Please Note: you can only avail this offer if you already SUBSCRIBED to prime membership

Extend Jio Prime Membership Video Tutorial :-

Extend Jio Prime Membership FAQ’s:-

  1. I am not Jio prime member can I get benefit from this offer?
    – NO
  2. Jio App is not opening ?
    – Please wait for sometime due to some technical glitch or heavy load on Jio app causing delay opening Jio app.
  3. I have jiofi device so can I opted for this offer.
    – Yes this offer is for jiofi also
  4. If I not activate then what happens?
    This is limited time offer if you not avail this offer you’ll not get benefit .
  5. How much jio prime membership cost?
    Jio prime membership comes in Rs. 99

Reactivate Jio prime membership :-

There is two option to reactivate the Jio prime membership .

  1. Using Promotional Offer Get Free Prime Membership.
  2. By recharging of Rs.99 of prime membership.

Jio presented offer we have already described above step by step so go and get the free offer but this is limited time offer and if you are late to subscribe then also you have a chance to reactivate Jio prime membership at cost of Rs.99 so using any recharge medium like myjio app, paytm, freecharge, phone pe. So before expiry of the special offer of Jio prime membership avail this offer.

Jio Prime Membership Benefits :-

Jio offering prime membership for 1 year so Jio claimed that who have subscribed for prime membership will get benefits in every plans and the monthly fixed plans will not change as well Jio prime membership can take benefits from jio other services like jiotv ,jiomovies and much more.


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